jamovi needs you!

There are many ways that you can contribute and participate in the jamovi community and it’s mission to liberate the field of statistics. Here are some:

Support us on Patreon

Support us as we support you – on patreon – and receive priority access to the cloud version of jamovi.

Do you represent one of the many institutions moving to jamovi from SPSS? If every institution who migrated to jamovi from other expensive software contributed just 10% of their former licensing fees, we could accelerate jamovi development dramatically. Bring it up at your next meeting. For larger contributions, reach out to us directly.

Does jamovi lack a feature that is important to you, your insititution or your field? You could sponsor it’s development.


One of the easiest ways you can help the jamovi community is simply to mention jamovi to colleagues. There are people out there who still don’t know that jamovi exists, and one of the best ways you could help them is by mentioning us, and pointing them to our website. There’s really no substitute for word of mouth.

You could also invite one of the jamovi developers to come and give a talk about jamovi at your institution.

Create Content

The internet is awash with information and tutorials for proprietary statistical software like SPSS. One of the challenges for people migrating from these platforms is that there currently isn’t that much content about jamovi. If you’re a writer, a blogger, or maintain a YouTube channel, jamovi needs you to create new and engaging content demonstrating statistics in jamovi.

We’re happy to list your content on the community page.

Develop modules

Are you an R developer? jamovi needs you!

One of the central goals of jamovi is to make accessible statistics driven by the community, and not driven by a small elite core. To this end, any one can create jamovi modules and publish them in the jamovi library. Does jamovi lack an analysis that’s important to your field? You could consider implementing it. Head on over to the jamovi developer hub – developing jamovi modules is easier than you think.

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